Asbestos testing

We can currently arrange for a range of asbestos testing services, advice and consultancy to meet your needs:

•  Sampling & testing of materials for asbestos

•  Air monitoring:

– Background testing to determine ambient airborne fibre concentrations
– Leak testing to check that asbestos work enclosures are not releasing airborne fibres
– Reassurance testing to confirm that airborne fibre concentrations are satisfactory following asbestos work or other disturbances
– Personal sampling to determine personal exposure to airborne fibres; as a check of the effectiveness of control measures or to verify the selection of RPE

•  4-stage clearance testing and hygiene unit inspection testing following the completion of licensed asbestos work

Asbestos surveying and management

As a dutyholder you have specific legal responsibilities with regard to managing your asbestos. We can arrange a wide range of support services to help you with your responsibilities and your compliance with applicable regulation.

HSG 264 management surveying
To locate and assess the presence and extent of asbestos containing materials within your building for management purposes as required under regulation 4 of the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 * .

HSG 264 refurbishment and demolition surveying
Normally needed before any refurbishment or demolition work is carried out, the purpose of this type of survey is to locate and describe all asbestos containing materials where the work is being carried out as required by The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 *.

Asbestos register, management plans and re-inspection services
We can assist you with the preparation of your asbestos registers and management plans, and with the decisions you may need to make regarding any action. We can also support you in fulfilling management actions such as labelling asbestos materials, periodically re-inspecting their condition and updating your register.

Management of asbestos work and removal
We do not remove asbestos, but we have a wealth of experience regarding asbestos work and removal and can offer independent advice and project management services to assist with your project, including:

– Provision of asbestos work risk assessments and plans of work (method statements)
– Provision of specification of work documents
– Technical review of tender returns
– Technical review of contractor plans of work
– Site services, including:

– Auditing of the contractor
– Smoke test witness
– Personal sampling
– Background air testing
– Leak air testing
– Reassurance air testing
– 4 stage clearance testing, including hygiene unit inspection testing


If you employ persons whose work could expose them to asbestos, for example, maintenance, refurbishment or demolition workers, then you have a legal duty to ensure that they have received asbestos awareness training as required by regulation 10 of the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 *. Similar self employed persons also have a legal duty to have received asbestos awareness training under this regulation. We can help you arrange asbestos awareness training and refresher training based upon the requirements of the HSE approved code of practice (L147) and drawing upon our considerable experience in asbestos abatement and management, to suit your needs. Please email us at

* or equivalent local regulation and guidance as in Jersey & Guernsey

Please note that as of the 31st May 2023 NAS Laboratories Ltd have voluntarily resigned their UKAS accreditations and are forwarding any UKAS accredited work to other UKAS accredited organisations.